Our Services

LXC Engineering Group Services

  • Design from simple to complex MEP+FA+FP+CCTV (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Alarm, Fire Protection, and Security System)
  • Renovate MEP+FP+FA+CCTV Building
  • Design LEED Rating Building w/ B, S, G, P Certified Options per USGBC
  • 3-D and Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Emergency Energy System Management
  • Energy Benchmarking & Audit
    • EPA Energy Star, Level I, II, & III Audits
  • Energy Modeling and Daylighting Analysis
  • Building Automation Systems
    • (BAS) Audit, Third Party Integration, Sequence of Operations Audit & Generation
  • Full Power System Studies Analysis
  • Master Planning, Studies, and Systems Analysis
  • Mission-Critical Power System and HVAC System Design
  • Lightning Protection, Grounding, Bonding and Shielding System Design and Verification
  • Renewable Energy Design
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • New Commissioning, Retro-& Re-Commissioning
  • Construction Management Administration
  • Energy Measurement & Verification Conservation Measures (ECM)
  • EPA Energy Star Application
  • Energy Management Dashboards
  • Utilities sub-station design or power studies Capacity and Modeling

LXC Engineering Group provides MEP+FA+FP+CCTV (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire alarm, fire protection, and security system) engineering from project conception to commencement and all the construction administration in between. Our services include consultation, design-build or bid-build (D-B & D-B-B), commissioning (CxA), renewable energy engineering, emergency energy management, engineering inspections, HVAC engineering, and forensic engineering analysis services for new and existing buildings and facilities. Professional Engineers and other seasoned experts perform these services.

Project Design Consulting: LXCEG provides complete emergency designs, essential designs, critical electrical power distribution designs, and grounding system designs for federal, state, commercial, and industrial buildings facilities. 

Support New and Existing Project Design Consulting: Support any life cycle project phase and develop testing, maintenance, lockout, tag out, and safety procedures. Test and evaluate equipment, coordinate and leading commissioning, and review CD Design sets. 

Project Power Studies Consulting: to adhere to the following code standards:

  • NFPA 70 (National Electric Code)
  • NFPA 70E (Electrical Safety in the Workplace)
  • IEEE 1584 (The Standard for Arc Flash Studies)
  • IEEE 141, 242, 339, 551, 1015

LXC Engineer group has the team, skills, and expertise to help your facility comply with OSHA and NFPA 70E in other to keep your electrical workers safe and protected.

The 10 steps we take for our clients’ safety are as follows:

Step 1: Data collection

Step 2: Discuss data collection results with client

Step 3: Short circuit evaluation

Step 4: Overcurrent device coordination

Step 5: Arc Flash incident energy analysis

Step 6: Ensure proper equipment labelling

Step 7: PPE selection and operator training

​ Step 8: Thoroughly explain to clients all findings from investigations and evaluations

Step 9: Make sure every three to five years that clients are still complying and meeting OSHA and NFPA 70E requirement standards

Step 10: Listen to client and update per client vision

To simplify, our team uses the latest top three tools version such as Easy-power, Etap, or SKM Power Tools for Windows and comply with the latest editions of OSHA, NFPA 70E, and IEE 1584

Renewable Energy Engineering: Our Professional Engineers design multiple PV solar systems. We serve residential, commercial, industrial, and utilities customers. We provide appropriate pre and post-design and installation engineering support of energy conservation systems, including stand-alone, grid-tie, and hybrid power PV systems. We can accomplish designs that save our clients’ money while helping our planet.

Inspections: Provide prospective homeowners, commercial, and industrial clients with an assessment of MEP+FA+FP+CCTV systems. Provide a photographic record along with a thorough written report.

Commissioning Agent:

During Site Visits: Perform site visits (as necessary) to observe components and document component system installations. Provide a statistical review of construction, focusing on the owner’s design intent and quality requirements. Attend selected construction progress and pre-installation job site meetings. Review construction progress meeting minutes for revisions/substitutions related to the owner’s design intent. Assist in resolving any discrepancies.

During Coordination: Coordinate, direct, and document commissioning MEP/FA/FP system activities using consistent protocols, regular communications and consultations with all necessary parties, updated timelines or schedules, and technical expertise. Conduct a pre and/or post-construction commissioning process meeting.

During Testing: Coordinate, review, witness, and recommend approval of manual functional performance tests. Coordinate retesting as necessary until satisfactory performance is achieved. The commissioning agent will review each deficiency once as part of the scope of work. If repeated reviews are required, develop ASA requests for compensation as extra services.

Emergency Energy Management:

Design: Provide temporary or permanent design assistance for projects with Emergency Power Systems for critical facilities in harsh environments or in extreme weather. Focus on the best approach to improving reliability and initiatives to keep critical facilities operational during and after a natural disaster. In addition, assess the various systems in the building as requested by the client, including incoming services, switchboards, switchgears, transformers, generators, UPS, ATS, branch or distribution panels, electrical breakers, electrical loads devices, electrical cables, electrical slabs, building envelope and efficiency, electrical systems, and general safety issues. Provide a photographic record along with a thorough written report.

Building Assessments: Conduct pre- and post-incident assessments of building and infrastructure; execute emergency contract support for life-saving and life-sustaining services; provide recommendation during emergency repair of damaged public infrastructure and critical facilities.

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