Engineering Inspection Services

LXC Engineering Group provides skilled personnel to support our clients from commercial & industrial buildings to utilities plants. We provide electrical system study & analysis, inspection, and electrical testing services. Our inspectors conduct inspections of all wiring, electrical equipment/fixtures, alarm systems and all associated systems regarding electrical power sources.

When our clients hire LXCEG for electrical inspection needs, we give them the peace of mind knowing they are being well represented on the job site, and that sub-contracted or their own client crews are working to their standards, safety requirements, and using quality materials. Our teams conduct inspections of all wiring, electrical equipment/fixtures, alarm systems and all associated systems regarding electrical power sources.

LXCEG reviews the following type of Installations
New installations/additions of electrical services
New installations/additions of electrical wiring, fixtures, equipment
Alterations of existing electrical services, wiring, equipment
Main electrical entrance services
Outdoor lighting
Lightening protection
Ground system and equipment
Temporary and special events services
Emergency turn-on and disconnect of services
Substation construction and maintenance inspection
Compliance and code Inspection
Smart Meter electric system inspection
Fire protection system

New, additions/alterations to electrical components of mechanical systems:
Heating systems
Cooling systems
Venting systems

You may be wondering, why Electrical Inspection is Important?
There are many reasons behind the necessity of getting an electrical inspection completed. Some of the most common are:

Protection Against Possible Surges
This is a common phenomenon in different regions, especially when there is a storm. Electrical surges can not only ruin your appliances, but can create short circuits in your system. When the inspection is being performed, we will check for different points in the wiring that can cause this type of mishap.

Many times it has been determined that an electrical short circuit has been the reason behind a fire breakout in an electrical system. These short circuits are caused by different loose wires in the meter or in the cabling itself. During the inspection, we can recognize these faults and recommend the best method to resolve and correct them.

Imagine touching an electric appliance and immediately experiencing a surging electric current in your body. While the impact may not be that disastrous, it could easily lead to other mishaps. Apart from this, the body current in an electric appliance can easily hamper its performance or render it completely non-workable. Our team can determine these faults in the wiring in time to correct them.

Our Steps for electrical Inspection



Review Plans Issues permit Inspect underground Inspect rough wiring Intermediate inspections Final inspection Review find with client Final report