Management Team


Meet our dedicated management team

Schmid Belleus, PMP

President & CEO


Mr. Belleus is one of the founders of LXC Engineering group. He served as an Officer and setting the highest standard of leadership to his Soldiers. He is a service-disabled veteran and was honorably discharged from United States Army. He has 15 years of extensive experience managing and collaborate with multiple disciplines levels of management on a wide-range of engineer consultant MEP+FP and construction industry. Also have extensive experiences in the engineer consultant and construction arena with the programming, quality assurance and program management of various projects. He is an expert in program/construction management for large and complex government projects.

His background includes successfully managing and coordinating 5 multi-years, multi-million dollar IDIQ contracts. As LXCEG CEO managing Partner, Mr. Belleus plays an integral role in the delivery of projects, providing operational oversight of assigned resources, scheduling, cost control and cost estimating for various design, commission, inspection, and construction projects. He will be responsible for ensuring all company visions are implement to the highest standard, and be involved with the strategic growth and development of the business.

Louis XIV Chrispin PE, CxA, PMP, LPI


Mr. Chrispin is a co-founder with his 19 years of Electrical Engineering design, commissioning, energy audit, Renewable energy, Engineer inspection, and Emergency energy management. His experience has been in the roles of field engineer to both a Project Engineer/Manager. He has spent a great amount of time in the field resolving many fail design in various market such as commercial, industrials, education institutions, Healthcare institutions, governmental facilities, process plant, oil & gas, and utilities. He has been responsible for overseeing co-gen, essential, critical, back-up power system, and preformed power studies in the design phases. Mr. Chrispin is dedicated to sustainable design, energy audits, and commissioning system.

Currently, he is leading the Electrical, Security CCTV and, commissioning teams for several LEED projects. Also, accountable for ensuring all aspect of the business are operating to the highest standards. Ensuring all contracts are running in line with program and cost objectives. Overseeing health & safety performance and achieving overall business targets. He is also actively involved in the strategic growth and development of the business.

Enrique A Tenicela, PhD

Sr. Electrical system engineer RF Consultant

Mr. Tenicela has 15 years of Sr. Electrical System engineering experience in designing, testing, commissioning special system, telecommunication systems, aerospace & defense, FAA, lightening protection, system & equipment grounding, photovoltaic (PV), fuel cells, radio frequency, and microwave systems. He written technical reports, product & policy development, and government business. He possess a top secret security clearance to support all Governmental facility.

Mr. Tenicela currently serves as a Sr. Electrical System engineering who specializes in special governmental design, specifications, construction administration, studies, and code consulting for all TSC. His role as an Sr. System engineer & Project Manager has contributed to his vast knowledge and expertise in finding solutions to intricate system designs. He is committed to ensuring the Quality of all design, testing, and Emergency energy management projects at the highest standard that require top clearance.

Michael Mathew, PE

Sr. Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer Consultant

Mr. Mathew has 28 years of mechanical & plumbing engineering experience in design, renewable energy, and emergency energy management. He has been responsible for the mechanical & plumbing engineering design of a broad range of projects including infrastructure upgrades, feasibility studies, multi-phased renovations, and new ground-up facilities. Mr. Mathew is specialize in planning, designing, and working through the permit phase on the following: commercial, education institutions, Healthcare institutions, governmental building, and process.

Duncan Glover, PE

Forensic Engineer consultant

Dr. Glover specializes in issues pertaining to electrical engineering, particularly as they relate to failure analysis of electrical systems, subsystems, and components, including causes of electrical fires. His expertise covers electric power systems, generation, transmission, distribution, power system planning, extra high voltage design, power system dynamics assessment, and computer-aided design. Dr. Glover is experienced in analyzing such elements as control systems, power electronics, motor drives, inverters, rectifiers, rotating electric machinery, switchgear, and transformers, as well as residential and commercial appliances. Mr. glover is currently the active Forensic engineering director that operate the department.

Asbury minus, GC

Projects manager consultant

Mr. Minus  brings 38 years of D-B, D-B-B, construction manager, commission, and emergency energy management worth of experience to the team. For the last 13 years he has  grown his own company from 2 team members to 65 employees. He is committed to ensuring the Quality of all construction manager, commission, and Emergency energy management projects at the highest standard. He is currently supporting all D-B, D-B-B, and CM in the Florida office.

Barry Jackman, CPA

Accounting Consultant

Barry Jackman has over 15 years in managing MEP+FA consultant account for businesses. His vast amount of experience to the overall accounting, business structure, planning and growth structure of the business. He is task with keeping the company compliance with all finances related matter.