Commissioning process

With comprehensive industry experience, we are offering a complete collection of commissioning services, which are recognized due to their quality, on-time execution, cost effective, and flexible solutions. Along with this, LXC Engineering group is offering it commissioning services in different options to suit the various needs of it clients.

Our deep knowledge and years of experience in the commissioning of diverse and multiple types of buildings, power transformers, switch gears, substation auxiliary equipment, fiber optic cables and control systems have provided us the ability to develop benchmarks in the market, thereby increasing our number of customers and clients. Our testing and commissioning services are applicable on any building types.

Commissioning is possibly the most important activity in the construction process, as it enables the mechanical and electrical services installation to achieve the electrical operational conditions desired by both the designer and end user.

Once the commissioning has been completed, the client is presented a full, operational building with all test results documented and witnessed, full operating and maintenance instructions available, and the client’s maintenance staff fully trained in efficient operation and maintenance.

Any subsequent defects can be quickly identified, and remedial action taken by reference to the operating and maintenance manuals and test results.

Based on your experiences, we have developed a standardized approach to commissioning to ensure not only the minimum overall quality on a project, but improved performance by staff familiarization. Standardization enables us to resource more efficiently and to cover unforeseen absences due to sickness, holidays, etc. with minimum disruption to both the client and project.

We do not believe that commissioning is a one-off exercise simply to ready a building for occupation.  The initial commissioning is vitally important, if the installed systems are to operate in accordance with the specifications.  However, changing occupancy needs, space utilization, refurbishment and routine decommissioning by maintenance staff will always have an effect on the operating efficiency and ultimately the disposition of the occupants.

However, a strategy of “continuous commissioning” must be employed and is an ongoing process to resolve operating problems, improve comfort and efficiency, and optimize energy use.  These efforts have produced energy savings of 20% with typical payback periods of less than three years.

Systems Validation

Energy Monitoring

Plant Functional Analysis

Environmental Monitoring

Plant Operation

Improve Building Feature

With many quality checks and verifications throughout the building process, commissioned buildings are more reliable and functional from the word go.

Eco-friendly & Financial Savings

The operating costs of the building can be significantly reduced through energy and water savings and reduced maintenance requirements.

Boosted Occupant Productivity

Aspects such as temperature and indoor air quality are identified to improve occupant productivity and comfort when refined through the commissioning process.

Safer Constructing Documentation

Ongoing operation and maintenance of the building is simpler and more efficient due to thoroughness and the accuracy of building documentation.

Decreased Contractor Call-backs

More thorough testing and verification while construction is taking place results in a reduced snag list and far fewer contractor call-backs.

System Performance Verification

Extensive checks throughout the construction phase of both installation quality and system performance ensure improved building system performance.

Increased Property Value

With all of the additional benefits that commissioning offers, the building property itself has a slower depreciation and higher value.

Increased Lifecycle of Equipment

By detecting and rectifying potential deficiencies in components, equipment will run more efficiently and deteriorate far slower.

Why Choose LXCEG Consulting as your Independent Commissioning Agent?

Commissioning is vital! Being quality-driven, the Commissioning Process is most optimal when it is carried out by a highly competent and effective team. Here at LXCEG, we have developed a successful Commissioning toolkit that offers a unique blend of both the ASHRAE and ACG standards. Our toolkit has been tried and tested throughout our various projects. We are passionate and detail-driven, always willing to go the extra mile for our projects and clients. Our solutions not only focus on sustainability, but the holistic benefits it provides; from financial profitability to operational efficiency.


Allows for the manager to focus on other important areas


More refined project designs and outcomes on current and future projects


Resolve most potential building issues in construction phase


Maintain and operate systems to the optimal design intent


Assurance that building is operating at peak performance with increased ROI