Renewable Energy

When you choose solar energy as part of your main source of incoming power, you are not only saving money for your home or business, you are helping to create a better environment that will make a positive impact on your local community, society, country, and next generation. By harnessing the power of the sun, you can reduce your dependence on the utility grid, reducing your carbon footprint, and combat greenhouse gas emissions. The government incentives have never been better to make this leap. We at LXC Engineer group are here to support our clients through this process to a more sustainable, cleaner world, and power by renewable energy.

Service we offer our client:

Feasibility and Finance

To assess project feasibility, LXCEG combines industry-standard energy modeling with sophisticated financial analysis of energy rates and potential financing mechanisms. To achieve that, we initiate site visits and collect required data for new as well as existing projects. Our team looks at all the options to reduce costs and long-term maintenance. We developed highly accurate final reports that address the storage, utility tariff, and financial implications. This helps to clearly present alternatives and assist clients to see the likely risks and benefits of moving forward.


  • Technical and Financial Feasibility on various sites
  • System Sizing, Siting and Visualization, and engineering evaluation
  • Financing Alternatives & Risk Analysis
  • Very basic & detailed


PV System Design

LXCEG varies types of solar systems for our residential, commercial, industrial, and utilities customers. We provide them with the appropriate design and installation engineering support of energy conservation systems, which include PV Direct System, grid-tied system, Grid-tied system with battery back-up, off-grid system, and Grid/hybrid system. We collaborate with our building design department to design any type of facilities the site requires.

  • Solar PV system sizing and proper Component Selection
  • Overall Project coordination
  • system design SD, DD, and CD with LEED optional
  • Lightning Protections Design
  • Power System Studies such as Load flow, Voltage Drop, Short Circuit, Coordination, and Arc Flash Analysis
  • Installation engineering support

Technical expertise and oversight through design and construction to hold vendors accountable, facilitate permitting and interconnection, and keep projects on schedule and within budget. We manage a formal design submittal process, attend weekly construction calls and periodically inspect construction sites to ensure a high standard of workmanship, mitigate change orders, and ensure projects conform to contract. 


  • Design Review
  • Permitting and Interconnect
  • Construction Support
  • Commissioning (Cx) and Verification


Performance Management

Energy projects are a long-term investment. LXCEG provides documents and resources to ensure systems perform at peak, are properly maintained, and meet financial returns expected. Read more…


  • Performance Monitoring
  • O&M Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Tariff Review
  • Financial Analysis & Optimization