CxA Expertise & Services

Energy Solutions
Our energy solutions group delivers a full range of professional energy consulting services, and approaches each project with an emphasis on life cycle performance. Our certified professionals create comfortable and energy efficient buildings by designing and commissioning new facilities and investigating, analyzing, trouble-shooting, and commissioning existing systems. Our energy evaluation includes lighting control systems and an operational investigation to develop a more cost-effective solution.

Improving Building System Performance
Keeping facilities operating efficiently, while maintaining a comfortable environment for occupants is a challenge faced by many building owners and operators. Our commissioning program embeds the power of engineering into a systematic approach to continually monitor building operations. We diagnose issues in a building as they are happening—helping clients to minimize costs and energy, and provide recommendations for improvements.

Existing Facility Commission step
Existing Facility Commission step
Commissioning Agent Consulting
Commissioning Agent Consulting

A comprehensive list of our Commissioning Services is as follows:

• Commission Ability Appraisal
• Systems Validation
• Commissioning Advisory Service
• Commissioning Management and Supervision
• Commissioning Testing and Balancing
• Commissioning Documentation
• Pre-Commissioning Checks and Fault Finding
•  Plant Functional Analysis
• Environmental Monitoring
• Plant Operation
• Plant Inspection and Testing (Site or Works)
• Site Supervision
• Staff Instruction and Training
• Systems Development, Design Evaluation