CxA Expertise & Services

Energy Solutions

Our Energy Solutions Team delivers a full range of professional energy consulting services and approaches each project with an emphasis on life cycle performance. Our certified professionals create comfortable and energy-efficient buildings by designing and commissioning new facilities and investigating, analyzing, trouble-shooting, and commissioning existing systems.  Our energy evaluation includes lighting control systems and operational investigations to develop a more cost-effective solution.

Improving Building System Performance

Keeping facilities operating efficiently while maintaining a comfortable environment for occupants is a challenge many building owners and operators face. Our commissioning program embeds the power of engineering into a systematic approach to continually monitor building operations. We diagnose issues in a building as they are happening—helping clients to minimize costs and energy, and recommend improvements.

Existing Facility Commission step
Existing Facility Commission step
Commissioning Agent Consulting
Commissioning Agent Consulting

A comprehensive list of our Commissioning Services is as follows:

• Commission Ability Appraisal
• Systems Validation
• Commissioning Advisory Service
• Commissioning Management and Supervision
• Commissioning Testing and Balancing
• Commissioning Documentation
• Pre-Commissioning Checks and Fault Finding
• Plant Functional Analysis
• Environmental Monitoring
• Plant Operation
• Plant Inspection and Testing (Site or Works)
• Site Supervision
• Staff Instruction and Training
• Systems Development, Design Evaluation