Engineering Design

At LXC Engineering Group, we take our clients’ ideas and turn them into reality. How? By recognizing that detailed design is key to a successful project. We are committed to offering superior quality MEP+FA+FP+CCTV Consultant Design Services that bring our clients solutions. Our Design Department is staffed to handle the most complex projects and produce highly sustainable yet cost-effective solutions. Our range of services also includes redesigning existing systems for building renovations, retrofitting facilities to meet updated codes or to support new uses, and designing new building systems.

Our team is well-known for timely execution, cost-effective, and flexible solutions. It can take small or large building space projects from concept to construction document.

Our Team is well-known for timely execution, cost-effective, and flexible solutions. It can take small or large projects from concept to construction.

Design Team

By employing our experienced In-House Engineering Design Team, we do not need nor rely on external support. We are continuously investing in the most advanced software and training to develop the skills and knowledge of our Design and CAD Team members. The latest tools we use for Engineering Design are BIM, Auto-Cad, Revit, SKM, Aurora Solar, and Lite Pro.

Design Guarantee

We treat every small or large project as a top priority. We partner with our clients’ teams to understand their engineering requirements. LXCEG’s Team uses information provided by our clients to create a final product that satisfies their needs. We have all the necessary professional insurance to support our projects. We work practically to produce drawings that are to code and satisfy the clients’ space requirements and safety compliance before commencing work. We offer value engineering options as part of our design development.

Facility Design and Assessments

We are skilled at developing engineering systems and performing energy modeling and commissioning services for projects that meet high levels of LEED® Certification, EPA Energy Star Designation, and ASHRAE 90.1 Compliance requirements. Our professionals have designed and assessed high-end tenant spaces, industry leaders, data centers, hotels, single and multi-family residential complexes, government facilities, educational and institutional buildings, complex healthcare environments, power plants, and mission-critical TIER-Rated facilities.

Looking Beyond Standard Requirements

Building owners can turn to our Team of experts to help them stay ahead of the latest accreditation trends. We guide clients through system testing, documentation, and protocols with thorough knowledge of past and present building codes. Our design and commissioning manuals give building owners the confidence to handoff operations, testing, and maintenance and provide accreditation agencies with the documentation necessary to determine facility compliance.

 Healthcare MEP

We offer skilled, dynamic engineering expertise with leaders active in the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Condition Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE) and The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) healthcare committees. Some of our engineers have specialized in Healthcare Design for over 15 years.

Applying Expertise for High-Level Patient Care

High-performing hospital HVAC systems must mitigate airborne infections, maintain comfort, be reliable, require low maintenance, be energy efficient, and be sustainable. The correct combination and interaction of those variables, concerning each hospital’s unique environment, make for a high-performing facility—the purpose of which is always patient care

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Electrical Engineer

Plumbing Engineer

Fire Protection Engineer