Revolutionize our Industry through expert execution and technology.  Progressively lower environmental impact through driving continual improvement with developing knowledge and changing environmental requirements.

Our Goals:

  • Continual improvement in our environmental performance and sustainability management
  • Minimize the risk to the environment through best work practices
  • Comply with all environmental legislation, regulations, and codes of practice relevant to OSHA, NFPA, IEEE industry
  • Partner with suppliers to ensure they recognize & reduce the environmental impact of their products and services
  • Continuously strive to provide optimal customer service to all of our clients

LXC Engineering Group Health & Safety Vision is encompassed in four main elements:

  • H&S Regulations
  • Office and Site Safety First
  • Extensive H&S Development
  • Continuous H&S Development



Provide timely execution, cost efficiency, and flexible solutions



We establish high expectations and demand 100% commitment from each person and team to meet or exceed them.


We expect personal accountability and insist on honest, transparent and ethical behavior.


We work together, collaborate to achieve our goals, support our customers, and celebrate shared successes.


We develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Health & Safety

Ensure that all of our employees work in a safe and healthy environment.


  • Adopt and practice the highest environmental standards in all areas of design, commission, inspection, and forensic engineer; meeting and exceeding all relevant codes & regulations requirements
  • Reduce the amount of change order on deign, waste space during occupancy, and system fault
  • Make efficient use of natural resources by conserving energy and water, minimizing waste and maximizing recycling
  • Meet EPA, OSHA, NFPA, IEEE requirements by ensuring the entire life cycle of spaces are use efficient and effectively
  • Regular internal and external audits help us maintain compliance not only with relevant Quality Assurance Standards requirements but with our own high internal standards.


  • Maintain compliance with all relevant codes and approved codes of practice applicable to quality.
  • Monitor new developments to continually improve quality performance standards.
  • Make quality an integral part of company management.
  • Involve and consult with employees and where appropriate their representatives on quality matters.
  • Review our quality policies on an annual basis, and implement appropriate improvements.


The LXC Engineering Group Quality Management and Document Control Department brings to each project at least one Accredited Quality Assurance Engineer and one Document Controller to undertake all the Documentation Flow with our Clients.

“Quality is not an act; it is a habit. We have implemented QA processes and procedures and we religiously follow them on a daily basis to ensure we have delivered our services to the best possible standard”.


We understand the importance to provide the highest quality aftercare and support services to all our customers. We aim to deliver a defects free product and we set-up user friendly systems, manuals and procedures to ensure the smooth transition to owner and occupier. LXC engineering group provides 24h support on all commissioning, emergency energy management, and forensic engineering projects, which are managed by a proactive Aftercare Team.

During project handover LXC engineering group commissioning engineers demonstrate system functionality and control on all integrated systems. We provide detailed operation and maintenance manuals to aid the appointed facilities management company.

  • 24-hour Support and Call-Outs
  • Detailed user friendly manuals
  • Professionally trained teams of trades people
  • Online access to queries

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