Job Opportunities

Intern, Graduate Program, and veteran & Disable-veteran

At LXC Engineering group LLC we believe that partnership and teamwork combined with a positive and proactive approach by all our employees is key to our success.

We have built a culture of openness, expertise sharing and professional development which rewards employee’s effectiveness and dedication.

We strongly believe that the best way to provide the most professional engineers, meet client expectations, and create an efficient environment is to support our next generation employees. Starting to build relationships early we consider our interns and graduates as drivers of our success.

Your experience with LXC Engineering group LLC will be motivating, challenging, and rewarding. We invest in our interns, graduates, and veteran & Disable-veteran, and give them tools and opportunities to find their way in the busy world of building services. We match each intern, graduate, and veteran & Disable-veteran with a senior engineer to facility his/her learning and understand final process.