About This Project
Owner:   Exponent Market: Investigative Forensic engineer Services Provided:

·       Electrical

·       Mechanical

·       Forensic Engineer

 Project Completion: Dec. 1994   Project Size: 180,000 SF


Performed forensic engineering on numerous electrical equipment failures and fires.  Typical projects were component fires and failures, and arc flashes.

Problems investigated on site, component likes tested, reports written, and served as expert witness.

Served as an expert witness for a medium voltage switchgear manufacturer.  Case involved a 34.5 kV flash-over, resulting in a three-phase bolted fault, equipment damage, and serious personal injury.

Performed extensive research into areas of flash-over phenomena, proper medium voltage switchgear installation, and NEC 70E and OSHA regulations for safe work practices.  Company was found not responsible for electrical explosion.