Management Team


Our Management Team

At LXC Engineering Group we have built a team made up of Professional Engineers, together with experts in design, commissioning, renewable energy, lightening design, AP LEED certification, building automation engineering, construction project management, and general contracting. Seasoned professionals in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire alarm, fire sprinkler, HVAC, and PV solar engineering. LXCEG brought together this Group of experts in their fields. They make the seamless and efficient execution of significant construction projects possible while saving time and money. Since every project is unique, we can match the right individuals to your project based on their knowledge and previous successful completion of similar projects.

We at LXC Engineering Group look forward to working with you on your company’s future engineering projects.

LXC Engineering Management Group

Louis Chrispin, CEO, Professional Electrical Engineer, CESCP, LPI

Founder of LXCEG with 20 plus years of experience in electrical engineering, design, commissioning, energy audits, renewable energy, engineering inspections, and emergency energy management. Past roles have included journeyman electrician, field engineer, electrical estimator, Electrical Commissioning Agent, project manager, and Principle Electrical Engineer. Designed and resolved many failures of design in institutions ranging from commercial, industrial, education, healthcare, governmental facilities, processing plants, oil and gas, and utilities. Responsible for overseeing and designing PV solar, CCTV, Fire Alarm, normal light & power, co-gen, essential, critical, and back-up power systems, and preformed power studies in the design and construction phases. Dedicated to sustainable design, energy audits, and the future of renewable energy. Currently leading the electrical, fire alarm, Security CCTV and, commissioning teams for several LXCEG projects.

Lisa Hebets, PM, Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing expert with 10 years of Project Management, marketing, and Administration experience working closely with our clients. Marketed LXCEG nationally and internationally through storytelling, outreach, local event releases, social media, and newsletter marketing. Keeps all necessary process requirements in order for federal government, public, and private project. Helps LXCEG’s ability to service the community and resolve some of the infrastructure issues faced in the industry.

Enrique A Tenicela, PhD, Sr. Electrical System Engineer RF Consultant

15 years of Sr. Electrical System engineering experience in design, testing, and commissioning special systems, telecommunication systems, aerospace & defense, FAA, lightening protection, system and equipment grounding, photovoltaic (PV), fuel cells, radio frequency, and microwave systems. Top secret security clearance. Specializes in special governmental design, specifications, construction administration, studies, and code consulting for all TSC.

Dennis Brabec, PE, Sr. Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Protection Engineer

Over 35 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering and Construction, specializing in the HVAC, Plumbing, and Fire Protection. Areas of expertise include troubleshooting, evaluating equipment, site surveying, commissioning, feasibility studies, designing systems (including mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection), and project management. Undergone security background checks successfully for previous federal projects

Duncan Glover, PE, Sr. Forensic Engineering Consultant

Specializes in issues pertaining to electrical engineering, particularly as they relate to failure analysis of electrical systems, subsystems, and components, including causes of electrical fires. Expertise covers electric power systems, generation, transmission, distribution, power system planning, extra high voltage design, power system dynamics assessment, and computer-aided design. Experienced in analyzing such elements as control systems, power electronics, motor drives, inverters, rectifiers, rotating electric machinery, switchgear, and transformers, as well as residential and commercial appliances.

Asbury Minus, General Contractor, Sr. Projects Manager

38 years of D-B, D-B-B experience, construction management, commissioning, civil engineering, and emergency energy management. Committed to ensuring the quality of all management projects are at the highest standard. He is currently supporting all D-B, D-B-B, and CM in the office.

Samuel Vilmeus, Sr. Drafter and 3D-Modeler

Mr. Vilmeus has more than 16 years of experience in Design and Drafting of Plans, Sections, Details, Elevations, Isometrics, Vendor Drawings, P&ID’s, ETC: on CAD Terminal, Micro station, Auto Cad, (2D & 3D) and Drawing Board. Capable of field surveying and creating sketches from areas in the field. Expertise in all aspects of Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Design, Draft Preparation in Mechanical, HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical:  Drafting of Basic Design on CAD Terminal and Drawing Board. Preparation of Engineering Construction Documents, and providing final product that meets client expectations.