Crosby Valve Anderson Greenwood

About This Project
Owner: Crosby Valve Anderson Greenwood Market: Industrial Services Provided:

●      R&D

●      Electrical

●      Mechanical

●      Plumbing

 Project Completion: Nov 2001   Project Size:

160,000 SF


Supported the company’s Electrical R&D department.


Designed a device used for monitoring a pressure relief valve (U.S. Patent Serial Number 6,283,138/Valve Monitoring Device) awarded to Crosby Valve, Michael A. Jones, PE inventor.

Valve Monitoring Device was a microprocessor accepting inputs from a wire wound potentiometer for stem position, a pressure transducer for inlet pressure measurements and an acoustic sensor to measure a signal (16 kHz frequency), representing a pressure relief valve seat leakage.

Device, also, developed a report to be filed with the authorities. Report contained device ID, opening pressure, event time span and total volumetric flow during overpressure event.

Device was programmed to be Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) protocol.