Marriott hotel

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Owner:   Marriott Hotel Market: Hotel Services Provided:

●      Electrical

 Project Completion:  2009   Project Size:

260,000 SF


Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Our assignment was to review and verify that the electrical installation at the hotel met all compliance standards.  We reviewed all equipment sized with voltage classifications 480/277/208/120 V such as switchboards, transformers, distribution panels, back-up emergency power, and ground systems. We, also, were charged to verify that the lightning protection system was suitable for the building, and to create an equipment list for scope of work with materials compatible UL, NFPA 980. Standards utilized were UL 96A and NFPA 780. In addition, we verified that the grounding systems met standards, as well as IEEE 80, IEEE 81, IEEE 142, IEEE 1100, NFPA 77 and Motorola R56.