Power & Utilities

Power & utilities

Global and local power engineering design demands continue to grow. LXC Engineering group provides designs and a range of solutions, which incorporate the latest in technology. Furthermore, all designs are in accordance with the latest version of the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) or ANSI Standard C2, National Electric Code, and NFPA 70. We provide our clients with continuous technical support, cost effective, and timely and flexible solutions. Our service skills specialize in the following: Specialized services:

-Site Feasibility studies
-Medium Voltage Substations
-Low Voltage power distribution
-MEP+F Building design
-Basic power studies (LF, SC, VD, OCPD’s, AF)
-Quality power studies
>Arc Flash Study – AC
>Arc Flash Study – DC
>Duct Bank Ampacity
>Generator Sizing and Motor Starting
>Ground Grid / Mat Study
>Harmonic / IEEE-519 Evaluation
>Load Flow / Power Factor Correction
>Protective Device Coordination
>Short Circuit, Transient Motor Starting
>Transient Switching (Snubber)/Stability
-Provide arc flash labels on any equipment to meet NFPA 70E
-TMS, I*SIM, Distribution reliability, DC system analysis, HI Wave Analysis
-Commission of new & existing utilities plants
-Site and building assessment
-Plant energy performance evaluation
-Energy management
-Lightening Protection design and assessment
-Substation ground grid design & analysis
-Disaster recovery