About This Project
Owner:   PG&E Market: Utilities Services Provided:

●      Electrical

●      Fire alarm

●      Energy Consulting

 Project Completion:  2011   Project Size:

480,000 SF


San Jose, CA to Walnut creek, CA

Our responsibility was to collect field data to support PG&E’s electrical engineer on inputting data into their power tool to perform various utility calculations.  We developed an arch flash label for all pad mount transformers for distribution to the transmission systems substation, and provided all potential fault scenarios to the system from San Jose to Walnut creek, CA.  We had to assure that the service would be executed in a timely manner and in accordance with PG&E’s schedule and budget, including direct cost and labor hour management.   We met all PG&E’s guidelines, and successfully passed all PG&E’s and local jurisdiction inspector’s observations and safety standards.