Madison Electric & Gas, National Grid

Owner:   Madison Electric & Gas, National Grid Market:  Utilities Services Provided:


·       Electrical

·       Mechanical

·       Energy Consulting

·       Forensic Engineer

 Project Completion:  May 2017   Project Size:

120,000 SF


Performed designs of medium, high and extremely high voltage substations.

Designs are for voltages from 13.8 kV to 345 kV substations.

Developed complete System 1 and System 2 Protective Relay replacement for Bulk Power System stations throughout Wisconsin and New England.

Also, performed IEEE 485 DC voltage battery calculations at these utility companies.

Designs included protection and control for substation circuit breakers and substation power distribution, lighting, communication and fire alarm systems.

Designs, also, included Overcurrent Protective Device Selection and Coordination and full plans and specifications of new and modified electrical systems of utilities.

Performed forensic analysis on medium voltage and high voltage substations.

Overcurrent protective device arc fault with fire.

Lighting fixture fires.

During substation design, overcurrent protective device coordination, load sizing and voltage drop calculations were performed for substations feeders.