Ma Aden Saudi Arabian mining Company

About This Project
Owner:   Ma Aden Saudi Arabian mining Company Market: Mining Industrial Services Provided:

●      Electrical

●      Fire alarm

●      Energy Consulting

 Project Completion:  2015   Project Size:

5.2M SF


Mansourah, Saudi Araba

This project required an investment of $1.4B based on the feasibility studies we created.  We developed the electrical design criteria and scope of work for the downstream related fifteen buildings.  We created load calculations for each building, and tabulated in a master matrix the calculations for the overall various demand electrical load capacities for the plant’s non-process and process section, and emergency load area. Our additional responsibilities were to design schematic documents (SD) for the following: lighting, fire alarm and smoke detection system, back-up emergency generator power, general power distribution, lightening, and grounding equipment/system for various buildings per SBI’s, IEC’s, API’s, EN’s, OSHA, and international codes such as NEC 70, 70E, 72, and IEEE’s standards. Additionally, we sized varies mobile electrical equipment for standby mode, and developed master specifications for the project.