Water & Wastewater


Motivated by the growing need to replace aging water facilities infrastructure, our public and private clients are making major investments to keep these systems operational. We can provide water & wastewater solutions for the following:
• Water — Sourcing and treatment before distribution, and network distribution to customers, including pump stations
• Wastewater — Treatment plants and collection and transport to treatment, including lift stations
• Industrial— Factory wastewater treatment
• Agricultural — Irrigation district
LXC Engineering Group offers knowledgeable engineers, who address water & wastewater issues succinctly, resulting in a system that meets all governmental standards. The standards addressed are:
Electrical IEEE 141, 142, 242, 399, 446, 493 and 739
NFPA 70, 70E, 72, 101, 214, 770, 820, 1142, and 1231 

Our service skills specialize in the following:

Specialized services:

-Site and feasibility studies
-Full end-to-end delivery of flood management -Solutions comprising strategic assessment
-Design MEP+F
-Commission new or existing site
-Engineering inspection or evaluate
-Full range of analytical services
-Site and building assessment
-Site and building assessment
-Basic power studies (LF, SC, VD, OCPD’s, AF)
-Quality power studies
>Arc Flash Study – AC
>Arc Flash Study – DC
>Duct Bank Ampacity
>Generator Sizing and Motor Starting
>Ground Grid / Mat Study
>Harmonic / IEEE-519 Evaluation
>Load Flow / Power Factor Correction
>Protective Device Coordination
>Short Circuit, Transient Motor Starting
>Transient Switching (Snubber)/Stability
-Provide arc flash labels to meet NFPA 70E
-Plant energy performance evaluation
-Treatment facility planning & design
-Energy management
-Disaster recovery