Automotive & Industrial

Automotive & Industrial

Due to new technology coming to the market. Factory has to be design and upgrade to be able to take on the demand.  The current famous Power distribution architectures in industrial buildings will be as follows:

1.       “Radial branched” power distribution architecture

2.       “Dual-transformer shared” power supply distribution architecture.

3.       “Multiple-transformer shared” power distribution architecture

LXC Engineering Group performs all designs which result in a fully functional system using the latest power distribution equipment and controls. We have the knowledge in designing building plants, commissioning, and test facilities to support new system in the plants.

Specialized services:

-Site planning
-Feasibility analysis and report
-MEP+F design
-Commissioning and maintenance
-Disaster recovery
-Freezers, coolers, refrigeration systems
-Secure storage vaults
-Loading docks
-Automation design
-Site and building assessment
-Basic power studies (LF, SC, VD, OCPD’s, AF)
-Quality power studies
>Arc Flash Study – AC
>Arc Flash Study – DC
>Duct Bank Ampacity
>Generator Sizing and Motor Starting
>Ground Grid / Mat Study
>Harmonic / IEEE-519 Evaluation
>Load Flow / Power Factor Correction
>Protective Device Coordination
>Short Circuit, Transient Motor Starting
>Transient Switching (Snubber)/Stability
-LEED-certified design options