Taunton Hospital

About This Project
Owner:   Taunton Hospital Market: Medical Services Provided:

●      Electrical

●      Energy Consulting

 Project Completion:  2016   Project Size:

452,000 SF


Taunton, MA

Throughout this project’s life cycle, we had many roles due to its various phases.  We performed comprehensive multi-onsite visits for current electrical status and reviewed areas that violated code or required code upgrades. We developed the site lighting upgrade throughout the facility, and provided an 85% (CD) set. We, also, developed the 30% schematic design (SD) set for sub-meter, and provided updated recommendations to local areas that needed code upgrades. We developed a current as-built drawing design review with existing loads and proposed recommendations for improvements.  We performed energy savings and cost analyses for energy efficiency, and demand response measures. Based on our findings, we designed an (SD) power factor correction automatic capacitor bank to help reduce demand charges on power systems to increase load carrying capabilities in the existing circuits and to reduce power system loses. We, also, developed specifications for the project. All designs were based on NEC 70, 70E, 72, and IEEE’s standards.