Lowell, MA

About This Project
Owner:   Lowell, MA Market: Multiple Person Residential Services Provided: Renovations Commissioning

●      Electrical

●      Energy Consulting

●      Commissioning

 Project Completion:  20017   Project Size:

55,000 SF


Lowell, MA

Executed a technical schematic document (SD) to design document (DD) review per base of design, specification, and codes. Also, reviewed following design documents: specifications, power studies, various equipment (main SWGR, transformers, PV array, ATS’s) and emergency back-up system with a sequence of operation loads. In conclusion provided technical report recommendation improvement to client implementation toward construction design documents (CD) phase. During construction phase  developed and executed test procedures during on-site visits to witness Generators, ATS, SWGR/SWBD, distribution panel start-up. Provided technical report to client on actions to reduce cost and any future safety hazards.